Senior Issue 2020

Senior Issue 2020

Over their years on staff, the seniors at The California Aggie have spent countless hours in 25 Lower Freeborn and all over campus, committed to making UC Davis and the city of Davis better places through their work. But they are not only devoted to their work at The Aggie — they are loyal friends, supportive mentors and distinguished students. Graduation for the Class of 2020 may not be the celebration they had anticipated, but despite the unexpected end to their time at UC Davis, this send off should mean no less.

Click below to read senior columns written by The Aggie’s graduating staff as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

by Kaelyn Tuermer-Lee, Editor-in-Chief

After four years at The California Aggie, I’m still not ready to say goodbye

On questioning and the quest for nuance

by Hannah Holzer, Managing Editor

Evolution of nuanced storytelling as informed by mentors, professors, peers and friends

What a different world I could have lived in

by Kenton Goldsby, Campus News Editor

Narrowly escaping a life in ASUCD, I could never be more grateful that I found myself at The California Aggie

A maze worth navigating through

by Stella Tran, City News Editor

To the place where I finally found myself

The most wonderful, unexpected experience

by Hanadi Jordan, Opinion Editor

It’s hard to say bye, so I’ll just say thank you

A string of happy coincidences

by Claire Dodd, Features Editor

Consider what will really matter years from now and make your choices off of that. Say yes, call your mom and don’t sweat the small stuff

Why do we do what we do?

by Liz Jacobson, Arts and Culture Editor

College newspapers are more than just breaking news

A farewell to four years of Aggie sports

by Dominic Faria, Sports Editor

The California Aggie’s sports editor recounts his favorite memories, moments from his time at UC Davis

Honest dispatch from a worried 22-year-old

by Cecilia Morales, Science Editor

Still learning and unlearning, I hope you are too

A not-so grand finale

by Sydney Odman, Social Media Manager

Despite an unceremonious end, this is only the beginning.

Are we moving forward or backward?

by Isabella Bloom, Copy Chief

Like a pandemic event, we can only know what college is once it’s actually over

A change of pace

by Tessa Koga, Graphic Designer

Like a pandemic event, we can only know what college is once it’s actually over

And now for something completely different

by Ally Russell, Staff Writer

Taking a moment

The pure cinema of going to UC Davis

by Ilya Shrayber, Staff Writer

An insatiable high

A note to myself and others

by Caroline Rutten, Staff Writer

I love my friends so much