Letter from the Past-President

Dear Colleagues,

We, as a board, have finally finished our task of having a website created for the audiologists of Maine, and the patients we care for. It is nice to have this come to fruition after so many meetings spent talking about what to add, who to have create it, and the like. I am glad that we are taking advantage of the social media that so many of us look to on the day to day basis to find information, services, and professionals.

My second tenure as President of the Maine Academy has come to a close, and I am honored that I have been allowed to hold this position, not just once but twice. I am also appreciative of the hard work that is done by the other members of the board, some of whom have served since its inception. I think that at times when we are not serving on committees or boards we easily forget all the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure our voices are heard as a profession. This board has always done its best to try and advocate for the patients we serve and our fellow audiologists, communicating with the Maine Legislature, Child Development Services, and other public and state agencies.

I hope that I have lived up to the expectations set by the board and the audiology community during my term. I also hope that as our good works continue to benefit its members more audiologists will be inspired to participate not only as future board members, but also as volunteers to assist with our many endeavors.


Bethany Galligher AuD

Bethany E. Galligher, AuD

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